Join Interested Parties List

Pursuant to Water Code Section 10723.4, Groundwater Sustainability Agencies are required to establish and maintain a list of persons interested in receiving notices regarding plan preparation, meeting announcements, and availability of draft plans, maps, and other relevant documents. Any person may request, in writing, to be placed on the list of interested persons. Completing the Interested Parties Form serves as the required written request. The Agency encourages your active participation in the Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) Development process and joining the interested parties list ensures you will receive the most timely information about the GSP.

Please note that any information provided via the form (or if provided through other written means) will be disclosed to third parties as required by law, including, but not limited to, parties participating in the Ventura River Watershed water rights adjudication pursuant to California Code of Civil Procedure section 935(a)(9).

Interested Parties Form



You may also join the interested parties list by submitting a written request via email to our Executive Director, Bryan Bondy ( or by mailing or dropping off a written request to Summer Ward, UVRGA c/o Meiners Oaks Water District, 202 W. El Roblar Drive, Ojai, CA 93023.

Please Note: That e-mail or letter requests should include your full (first and last) name and email address. Mailing address and telephone number are desired, but is optional. Requests that do not include a full name and a functional e-mail address will not be processed.

Requests to be removed from the interested parties list are to be submitted in writing via e-mail or written letter to the Executive Director, Bryan Bondy. (